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We strive every day to do our best to provide a value-added service to our customers. We know that you can acquire your vehicle anywhere. What separates us from the pack is our knowledge and customer service, plus the fact that we always strive to get the best deals for our customers. Check out our site and then give us a call so we can show you the “Alpha Advantage.” Please review these facts about Alpha Leasing.

The Largest Independent Leasing Company in Louisville

Alpha Leasing has grown to be the largest and most respected independent leasing company in the area. Our size and buying power gives our customers more clout with dealers in negotiating the best price on a vehicle and obtaining hard to find vehicles. Alpha Leasing is well recognized by the manufacturers too and receives all fleet and dealer incentives.

Alpha Leasing buys vehicles from automobile dealerships locally and across the Continental United States in a competitive environment, to assure you of the lowest possible price. Our highly personal and business integrity, volume purchasing power and reputation for sincere, honest dealing, make car dealers welcome every vehicle inquiry from Alpha Leasing.

Your Business Use Vehicle Leasing Experts

We have specialized in leasing Business Use Vehicles for over 30 years. We continually research the ever-changing tax laws as they relate to the automotive area. We have published articles in tax publications, are recommended by nationally known tax experts, and are referred by several CPAs. We can structure your lease to make sure that you comply with existing tax laws, and take advantage of all of the deductions that you deserve. We also give you the most comprehensive lease versus buy analysis from a tax and financial point of view. There is no one that can match our expertise in this area.

Leasing All Makes & Models

As an independent leasing company, Alpha Leasing has access to every make and model of vehicle. Alpha’s fleet purchasing power provides the customer with all major manufacturer dealer incentives and option bonuses, plus the widest range of vehicles available.

More Personalized Service

Alpha Leasing’s exclusive business is vehicle leasing. Our customers are a very valuable resource and receive individualized attention. Alpha’s sales representatives are skilled and thoroughly trained in all aspects of vehicle leasing. In creating a custom lease for each customer, Alpha Leasing’s professional vehicle leasing specialists evaluate every aspect of the lease and tailor it to specific individual needs.

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