Alpha Leasing Company
Who is Alpha Leasing Company?

We are an independent leasing company that specializes in leasing high end vehicles to doctors, lawyers and small business owners.  As an independent leasing company, we can provide you with any make or model.  We will help you choose the vehicle that is best for you.

We are the experts in the leasing of business use vehicles.  We will provide you with a complete tax and financial analysis for your situation.  With our fleet leasing power, we will get you the best possible price on the vehicle that best meets your needs.  We will then work with your CPA to ensure that you maximize your tax deductions.  We will analyze the lease versus buy decision, whether to put the vehicle in the business name or your personal name, and whether to take actual expenses or the standard government reimbursement rate.  We will also help you make sure that you are IRS compliant.

We have also designed several types of leases that can meet just about any need.  We offer standard leases for those that are looking to minimize their monthly payments.  We also offer low residual leases for those wishing to maximize their tax deductions, and one pay leases for those wishing to maximize tax deductions and minimize interest charges.

Give us a call today so that we can show you what we have to offer. I am sure that we can be of help.
Alpha Leasing's Points of Difference
  • Acquires Vehicles at Fleet/Wholesale Pricing
  • Over 30 Years in Business
  • Largest Independent Leasing Company in the Kentuckiana Area
  • Provides a Complete Financial & Tax Analysis
  • As an Independent Has Access to All Makes & Models
  • Has Access to all Manufacturers Finance & Leasing Programs
  • Offers Used Car Leasing & the Ability to Re-lease Your Current Vehicle
  • Can Take Care of All of Your Needs During the Entire Vehicle Lifecycle
  • Provides Titling, Licensing, Renewals, & Payoffs
  • Handles All of Your Repair & Maintenance Needs
  • Nationwide Leasing Services
  • Guarantee Clean Titles on Used Cars\
  • At End of Lease We Save You Money on Vehicle Disposal
  • We Sell Your Used Vehicle for You, Eliminating the Hassle
  • We Recommend Whether You Should Buy or Lease Your Vehicle
215 S HURSTBOURNE PKWY, SUITE 103  •  Louisville, KY 40222  •  PHONE: 800-800-5327 • fax: (502) 426-2793 •  email: