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We have worked hard to become the experts in the "business use vehicle area".   Read what business professionals, experts, and customers are saying about us.


Alpha Leasing has always exceeded my expectations. They are most effective at customer service and they have truly adopted a customer satisfaction business agenda!

   --- Karen H. Bass - Sales Consultant/Controller - Statewide Insurance Sys, Inc.


The entire staff at Alpha Leasing has impressed me with their total responsiveness. They always care for my needs and their availability assures things get done!

     --- Dr. Vicki Wiley-Pusateri - Rose Island Counseling & Consulting Center


Alpha Leasing delivered two very hard to find vehicles and literally saved me thousands of dollars.  Good job!

   --- David Baughman - The Baughman Group


Alpha Leasing simplifies the decision making process.  Primarily due to their competitive pricing, we were able to get the most car for the money and remain committed to our budgetary goals.

--- Marshall F. Kaufman, III - Attorney Kaufman, Stigger & Hughes


I've Been an Alpha customer for 20 years and I always get the most car for the buck!

   --- John Klein - John D. Klein Company, Commercial Real Estate Services


Alpha Leasing understands timely service and they know that making customers happy has its own rewards.  I've done business with them for many years and look forward to a continued relationship.

   --- James R. Trimpe - Porter, Tafel, Trimpe


We have leased for many years and the Alpha commitment to ease and attention to detail cannot be matched.  I find that they continually save use time, effort and frustration!

   --- Gerald Standridge - Advanced Industrial Electronics, Inc.


I knew exactly the vehicle that I wanted and Alpha Leasing delivered quickly and with no hassles.

   --- Cara W. Stigger, Attorney - Kaufman, Stigger & Hughes

In our business we understand the importance of doing the job right the first time, customer satisfaction and cost to the customer.  Alpha Leasing makes a commitment to these areas, and has established a solid reputation based on trust.

    --- Mike Schnel -, Schnell Contractors, Inc.

Alpha Leasing has shown us that tax law benefits result when leasing vehicles for business use.   This is a major consideration for our business in addition to the existence of an improved financial planning tool.

--- Steve Fritts - Ethan Allen Furniture

Quite Simply, Alpha Leasing offers a unique service.  Their knowledge and expertise helped me make the right decision.

--- Vincenzo Gabriele - Vincenzo's


Making customers happy involves understanding your customer.  My entire extended family has utilized the services of Alpha Leasing for years.  They truly work hard to match the product to meet our needs.

---  Kelly Roberts

People live in relationship to many of the products they buy.  Likewise, my relationship with Alpha Leasing for the past 14 years as measured highly and exceeded my expectations in products as well as service.

--- Frank Rassaga

For more than 20 years we have enjoyed working with Alpha Leasing.  Over this long relationship, we have been extremely satisfied with customer service and pricing.

---  Joe Pusateri - Elite Homes

I still remember leasing my 1983 Maxima and I've been a loyal customer since then.  They've got the business agenda right and make it happen!

--- Don Major, Attorney

Being in the service business, I appreciate the attention to my needs at all times - not just at lease signing.  Alpha Leasing finds out what the customer needs and delivers it.

--- Phil Gueltzow - United Mechanical

I have entrusted Alpha Leasing with personal and business decisions since 1986.  I still remember the first vehicle I leased and I've never considered using anyone else to help me make the right decision

---  Don Woods - Re/Max Associates

With over 25 vehicles in our corporate fleet, Alpha Leasing gives us one stop shopping, superior customer service and overall lower cost.  But more importantly, it is their true honesty and integrity that keeps us coming back!!  We truly value our business relationship with Alpha Leasing.

 --- Matt Ott - Air Hydro Power

 My car leasing experience has never been easier.

--- Michael Lattin - BMB Productions


My needs are important to Alpha Leasing and they work hard to tailor leases to fit my personal situation.  Their willingness to satisfy was evident when they worked to sell my existing cars for me.

         --- Fred Huecker - K&I Lumber

In our business, customer satisfaction is a commitment that assures we deliver he highest quality standards in all aspects of the dining experience.  Alpha Leasing understands this concept and they know that making customers happy has its own rewards.

      --- Agostino & Joan Gabriele - Vincenzos

My husband recently purchased a vehicle from your company for my birthday.  I wanted to let you know how pleased and satisfied I am with my 1995 Lexus ES300.  I feel like I am driving a brand new vehicle.  The car was delivered to me personally (as a surprise), and was virtually spotless inside and out.  The car drives and handles beautifully.  It is hard to believe that the vehicle is 10 years old.  Thanks for the excellent customer service, and going beyond the call of duty to meet our needs.  We will always consider your establishment when purchasing vehicles for our family.

      ---  Gwendolyn McLaurine

We leased two vehicles almost simultaneously from Alpha Leasing.  We had some very specific needs and wants, and they were persistent looking for the vehicles we wanted until they found exactly what we were looking for.  Also, my brother-in-law works at a Toyota supplier and gets employee pricing.  I compared prices and Alpha Leasing's was lower.  We are not sure how they did it, but am sure glad they did.

         --- Doug and Kathy Barker

I never thought about leasing my business use vehicle before I met the people at Alpha Leasing.  They showed me how I could conserve my cash by leasing my vehicle while increasing my tax deductions. 

        --- Mark O'Brien

I represent a group of over 20 Doctors.  Alpha Leasing, through its expertise, has set us up with an Accountable Plan.  The Plan for reimbursing the doctors for the business use of their personal vehicles has saved both the company and individual doctors thousands in taxes annually.

        --- Steve James - Mortenson Dental

Tax Professionals, Fleet Managers and Industry Experts

I would advise anyone considering the purchase or lease of an automobile to first check with Alpha Leasing, especially if the vehicle will be used partially for business purposes.  In my opinion, their "" website offers an easy to use and understand tool to weigh the advantages vs disadvantages of either decision."

   --- Ben Gratzer, Retired Director, Kentucky Society of CPAs

The Alpha Leasing Empower, Inc. powered Vehicle Opt-e-Mizer is fantasitc.  Now I can generate in minutes the type of reports that used to take me hours.  I can now provide my clients with the type of information that I was too busy to generate in the past.

        --- Bruce Roth, CPA

The Vehicle Opt-e-Mizer is the most comprehensive Business Use Vehicle Acquisition tool I have ever seen.  The lease versus buy analysis is sure to help the Independent Leasing Company increase their business and ensure customer satisfaction.

         --- Paul Doyle, CPA NVLA

Alpha Leasing Company looks at the Business Use Vehicle Acquisition transaction from every angle.  The tools on their website provide financial analysis, tax analysis, and net present value analysis.  The purchase and lease in business name versus expense reimbursements reports are something that I haven't seen anywhere else on the web.  I recommend this site to all of my students.

     --- Vern Hoven, National CPA Trainer

Chapter 5 of my book is titled "How to Turn Your Car into a Tax-Deductible Goldmine."  The Alpha website lets any small business person easily and quickly analyze their business use vehicle acquisitions to make sure that they are taking the maximum amount of deductions allowed by current tax law.

     --- Sandy Botkin, Author "Lower Your Taxes Big Time!"

The analysis that I performed by using the Vehicle Opt-e-Mization tools point out to me the surprising differences in tax deductions available for business use vehicles that have some personal use.  As a result of this I have co-authored an article with Bob Leidgen and Dennis Branson of Alpha Leasing.  The article, "How the Luxury Auto is Titled Can Make Big Difference in Tax Deductions" was published by Tax Notes.

     --- Dr. Sidney Baxendale, Tax Professor, University of Louisville

My clients are always looking for ways to legally reduce their taxes.  The Alpha Leasing Vehicle
Opt-e-Mizer lets me quickly and easily show my business customers the best way to acquire their business use vehicles.  With its comprehensive reports and tax compliance assurance, my customers can be confident that they are making the right decision.

    --- Gerald Psimer, Financial Planner


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