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Financial Calculators
We have created a series of easy to use calculators to help you solve every day financial questions.  Just click on any link below to bring up the desired calculator.

Calculate the Money Factor/Interest Rate on a Lease
Compare Total Cost of Ownership Between Leasing a New Vehicle and Purchasing a Used Vehicle
Comparing the Two Options for Determining the Gas Portion to W2 for Personal Use of Business Vehicles
Calculate the Missing Value - Loan or Lease
Calculate the Gas Savings Between Two Vehicles
Calculate the Taxable Value of Personal Use of Employer Provided Vehicles
Calculate Tax Deductions for Different Vehicle Acquisition Methods
Calculate Loan Payment
Present Value of a Single Payment
Present Value of a Series of Equal Payments
Future Value of a Single Payment/Investment
Future Value of a Series of Equal Payments
Capital Recovery Function
Sinking Fund Function
Loan Amortization
Cash Versus Rebate Versus Low Rate Financing
Estimate Gain/Loss On Sale
E-Z Business Mile Calculator

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