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Evaluating all aspects of use vehicles is incredibly difficult.  The tax laws are ever changing and can be confusing.  There are so many options available that it is almost impossible to review every scenario.  This section of the website has been developed with the above in mind.  We have put together the tax tables you need along with the relevant tax code and information.  We have built several calculators to help you, and have put together a catalog of articles that cover a whole litany of issues that you may face.

Tax Tables
The tax aspects of acquiring automobiles can be extremely confusing.  Depreciation is limited to under 6,000 gvwr vehicles.  Trucks and cars are depreciated differently.  SUVS are treated differently for section 179 purposes.  Bonus depreciation keeps changing, as does the section 179 limits.  What does it mean when the government talks about lease inclusions?  What is the current government mileage reimbursement rate?  All of these issues and more are covered in the tax tables section.

Would you like to know the money factor on your current lease? Would you like to be able to calculate a monthly payment and generate a loan amortization?  Go to our calculators section and you will be able to perform these tasks along with using several other helpful financial calculators.

There are literally millions of articles about automobile ownership and leasing out on the worldwide web.  How can anyone divide the good from the bad?  We have listed several articles that we have written.  All of the articles concentrate on the business aspects of vehicle acqusition.
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